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DJ Services

I am taking on new contracts to DJ collegiate, amateur, and professional DanceSport competitions as well as social dances and other events. 

I care greatly about the contribution music makes to a dancer's performance and run all my sets accordingly. You can expect energizing music that is always on-tempo and tailored specifically to the dancers on the floor, bringing inspired performances, elevating the crowd, and creating countless memorable moments that will bring competitors back to your competition year after year.

I can guarantee a professional experience valued by competitors, audience members, and organizers alike, and hope to have a great deal of fun along the way.

While my personal music library is kept private, you can see some of my online presence through my Spotify account and use the resources I provide for dancers there.

Due to transportation costs, I ask that organizers provide the necessary sound equipment at the event (speakers, XLR cables, etc).

Please contact me at the email below for my rates and additional details. I look forward to playing music for you!

Contact Me:

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Philadelphia DanceSport Championships


Liberty Ball

Minnesota Dance Fest

Zoom Ball

USADance National Collegiate DanceSport Championships

Weekly Rounds

International Standard

International Latin

American Smooth


American Rhythm

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